Why 70% of CMMS Implementations Fail

Are you surprised? 70% of CMMS implementations actually fail.

Before I go any further, let me explain what I mean by fail–the entire CMMS implementation actually has a net negative return on investment (ROI). This could mean lost productivity of our maintenance team or that we are spending money on the actual software and/or lost time/money from training than we are gaining from productivity and insight.

These failures can actually be due to a number of reasons, but here are some common ones.

  • A CMMS actually hinders productivity of your maintenance team. Entering in data adds on additional process that slows technicians from doing actual work
  • A CMMS is purchased by facility managers and directors and fails the implementation/adoption at the end user level at the technician level
  • The CMMS purchased is just way too difficult to use and too slow for production and the speed at which our team moves.
  • Once data is in the system, managers fail to gain valuable insight from the data and utilize the full feature suite of a CMMS.
    • 90% of teams only utilize 10% of the features of a CMMS.

However, one of the most surprising things that we’ve seen is that of the 30% of implementations that do succeed, almost all have an AMAZING return on investment. Maintenance teams are twice as productive, managers are able to achieve better oversight into their facility and can tackle problems before it becomes an issue–this is the process of moving from a reactive based maintenance team to a preventive and predictive maintenance team. This is what we strive for, but how do we get there?

Finding a CMMS that is simple and easy to use, ALWAYS leads to the best adoption and the most successful implementations.

At the end of the day, the most important factor to determining a successful CMMS implementation is adoption from your team. When a system gets implemented, are we going to receive pushback from the “paper lovers” or are we going to be met with delight? If a CMMS actually makes a maintenance team more efficient and allows them to better keep track of their work and their day, rather than add on additional process to their daily work, we’ve won 90% of the uphill battle.

This is why we created UpKeep

We saw how many CMMS implementations failed, but we also saw that massive returns a successful implementation CAN have. At the end of the day, we created UpKeep with the end user in mind making sure that we were creating a product that streamlined the workflow of the end user, and not simply add layers of process onto their already busy day! We built UpKeep for YOU and we truly believe that we can help make your maintenance team world class.