Why your business needs a computerized maintenance management system

Every year the cost of maintenance increases. Whether it is manufacturing equipment, facilities management, a hospitality or restaurant property or a vehicle fleet, maintenance costs continue taking a larger portion of operating budgets. So what is the business response to this? How can companies improve the maintenance bottom line without undercutting the machines or facilities critical to running their business?

Preventative maintenance programs, equipment analysis and detailed cost and depreciation tracking are a few available tools. Yet does your business really know how much is spent on maintenance costs and personnel? This is where the benefits of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) like UpKeep helps improve the tracking, resourcing and true costs of maintenance.

CMMS: Future or Fad?

Today it seems there is an app for everything, from ordering pizza to dry cleaning. Computerized and cloud-based purchasing and tracking is the standard for retail. Why should maintenance be any different? CMMS is not just another business enhancing productivity tool, it is a requirement for efficient asset, maintenance and personnel management. Here’s why.


CMMS captures and maintains accurate, meaningful historical data about critical equipment and facility assets in a way paper records cannot. It provides a continuous picture of equipment health in near real-time and can be used to predict maintenance requirements, when and where to deploy maintenance staff, the timing for capital investments, and can assist in deciding when to repair, when to replace, and when to upgrade equipment.

CMMS enhances the ability to make better maintenance decisions in light of business, market and financial realities and drives real cost savings, such as:

·       Increasing equipment reliability 35 to 50 percent by implementing and tracking a preventative maintenance program

·       Another five to 15 percent in overall maintenance costs through better workflow management and use of personnel

·       A 20 percent cost savings from inventory optimization and replacement parts purchasing

·       An increase of equipment uptime up to 20 percent, increasing productivity, reducing overhead costs and maintenance resource allocation


CMMS not only manages equipment and facilities, but also personnel. What happens when key maintenance employees leave the company or retire? Years of critical technical information and tribal knowledge is lost the instant that employee walks out the door. With a shrinking maintenance workforce, keeping critical system and facility data in one place makes it easier to get new employees up to speed with a better understanding of company, facility or asset maintenance requirements and potential problem areas.

CMMS retains equipment and facility historical and cultural knowledge in a safe, standard repository available to the incoming workforce and helps mitigate labor shortfalls by enabling remaining maintenance staff to be deployed more efficiently, jobs prioritized in relation to all other maintenance requests and maintenance information secured despite employee turnover.


CMMS protects employees and companies. It supports standards management, compliance audits and enables efficient and accurate audit support with cloud-based data. For employees, CMMS can schedule training courses, record training schedules, monitor attendance and provide audit trails to support compliance training. Safety requirements can be transmitted to employees with work orders to verify proper company work processes, methods and policies are followed.

This is useful during incident response investigations by demonstrating that safety and work information was sent to maintenance employees. It also reduces corporate liability by maintaining proper documentation and communication of safe work practices. CMMS mitigates the impact of government regulatory compliance and exposure to health and safety liability by providing accurate and timely maintenance data.


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Power in the palm of your hand

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