What is a CMMS?

CMMS Software stands for “Computerized Maintenance Management System” (or Software). A CMMS software package helps maintenance teams record work orders, track maintenance tasks, and store all information related to the organization’s maintenance operations. CMMS greatly helps improve communication between employees and helps management make more informed decisions about preventative maintenance and resource allocation.

Core Features of a CMMS:

Work Order Management

Work Order management is the core for any CMMS system- whether it is a preventative maintenance work order, inspection sheet, or a breakdown maintenance work order. Your CMMS should be able to assign work orders to individuals or teams and do it in a manner that is fast and efficient. With many CMMS’s you have the option to customize work orders, assign it to a location, and an asset.

Manage Work Order Requests

Allow anyone from within your facility to submit work order requests. From your mobile device you can approve, reject, and follow up with request tickets. Respond to work requests promptly from anywhere and update the requester as jobs are being completed.

Asset Lifecycle History

A CMMS should track the entire lifecycle of an asset from the original purchase date up until it gets decommissioned. It should hold a preventative maintenance schedule and also show a history of previous work orders performed on a particular asset. In layman’s terms, your CMMS should be the data center for all things related to your asset.

Group Collaboration

Group collaboration is typically not something CMMS systems do well, but us at UpKeep are committed to making communication better between everyone in your team. We think real-time updates and direct messaging is going to be crucial in the future for CMMS systems. So what does this mean in practice? Well, if a piece of equipment breaks down and we need to communicate with a group of people what went wrong and how to fix it – it should all be done within the CMMS system in real time.

In short a CMMS is a software package that maintains a database about an organization’s maintenance operations. This information helps technicians do their jobs more efficiently and help make better, more informed decisions about costs and resources. UpKeep does all of this and more and if you want to see what you can do with UpKeep, we’d love for you to give it a shot!

Other common names for CMMS software include:

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