What are the benefits of using a mobile CMMS solution?

The Benefits of Using a Mobile CMMS Solution, with actual use cases.

Any solution designed to help the busy maintenance sector needs to take into account that you are constantly on the go. Mobility isn’t just a buzzword for the masses. It describes the life of a maintenance department to a T. What that in mind, below are the top benefits of using a mobile CMMS solution:

1. Streamline processes

The tediousness of data entry can be almost entirely eliminated by using a mobile CMMS. The chances of making a mistake when inputting long strings of numbers and letters can be averted when maintenance technicians can scan barcodes right into the system instantly. This step saves time, improves clarity and reduces frustration. As these necessary processes are streamlined, worker productivity is also increased as a technician can more quickly tackle the job at hand.

CMMS streamline your process

2. Increase transparency and visibility

There’s no better way to increase both visibility and transparency that to use a mobile CMMS. Every step of the process is logged into the system so that a supervisor can track a technician’s progress from afar. This enables management to have an accurate portrayal of the progress of each work order, making it easier to manage the flow of work. It also gives a supervisor an accurate picture if any updates should be necessary. For their part, a technician can close out work orders as they are completed while they’re on the go as they move on to the next. Management can then track these work orders and report them as being completed in real time.

3. Support a paperless working environment

Because everything that a maintenance worker needs is contained right within the CMMS, there’s no need to print out work orders. This saves the company a significant amount of money on office supplies like ink and paper. It also helps reduce the company’s effects on the environment. Another advantage of a paperless working environment is that the paperwork can’t get misplaced, stained or crumpled. This not only increases productivity, it also supports a professional working environment.

mobile CMMS decreases paperwork

4. Improve worker productivity

Employees with access to the mobile CMMS are able to instantly open and close work orders, order and view the needed parts and enter appropriate readings from meters and other devices. Technicians can also assign work requests, as well as approve and reject them while they’re out in the field. This ability to have the information they need at their fingertips provides technicians with the tools to improve their productivity.

5. Facilitate communications

A mobile CMMS is a boon for busy corporations because it fully supports and facilitates communications between employees and management. Instead of a supervisor having to take the time to make a phone call to a technician — and possibly either interrupting their work or not getting them at all — the assignment of a work order can take place right within the CMMS. The technician then receives a push notification that alerts them to a new notification within the system. Rather than having a verbal conversation regarding instructions about a particular work order, a supervisor simply needs to input the information in the CMMS and the technician can access it at any time. This helps reduce confusion and forgotten instructions.

CMMS improve communication

6. Increase accuracy

Retaining accuracy is a vital component of completing a job correctly the first time. Rather than relying on scribbled notes that might get left back at the office or hoping that the particular details stick in their minds, using a mobile CMMS provides technicians with everything they need to know — right at their fingertips. Having all this information right in the mobile CMMS gives technicians everything they need to complete their work accurately. This written record also provides the information that the next person needs to continue on with the job.

The Practical Application of the Benefits

While it’s important to learn about the benefits of using a mobile CMMS, learning how other companies — large and small — implement such a system into their daily workflows provides a well rounded and accurate picture of the process. Below are the details of how three companies adopted a mobile CMMS — UpKeep in particular — and the tangible benefits they’ve realized.

Prior to adopting UpKeep as their mobile CMMS, the Director of Engineering Operations at the Cincinnati Mariott Northeast, Ron Pembleton, noted that the hotel spent about 30 years using a paper system. Not only was this inefficient because the flow of information wasn’t seamless, Ron was concerned that valuable papers could become lost or destroyed, further hindering the process. After doing extensive research, Ron chose UpKeep to handle the hotel’s maintenance. With UpKeep, Ron and his team are able to instantly check the status of any work order in the system, any time of the day or night.

mobile CMMS

Before using UpKeep, the administrator at Rug-Pros, Lester, had to print out excel sheets for his team to work from. This strategy provided them with only a minimum of the information they needed to perform their job efficiently. With seven locations, Lester needed a method of streamlining his daily operations while keeping his team on the same page. Using UpKeep not only provides him with the information he needs on a daily basis, it’s simple for him to export data to create his weekly invoices.

Grace Pointe Living and Mon Abri are senior living communities that have many maintenance requests flowing into their management teams. Previously, a maintenance worker would receive numerous calls pertaining to a single work order. After doing extensive research, Amy, a part of the management staff, chose UpKeep to streamline their processes. By using UpKeep, Amy and her staff are able to access all the information they need regarding a work order.

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