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A full solution for property managers to manage their
properties, maintenance requests, and work orders

Works on all platforms

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Streamline work orders and maintenance requests at across your properties

Work Order Management
Manage the status of work orders, receive requests, and approve work orders and purchase orders right through the app.
Vendor and Invoice Management
Keep track of your vendors, contractors, payments, and invoices all in one single platform. Use UpKeep to streamline communication between your facility management team and your vendors.
Preventative Maintenance
Schedule preventative maintenance work orders for routine maintenance on equipment and have one centralized place to keep track of all work done on your equipment.
Inventory & Purchase Orders
Monitor your inventory and track spare parts with a breeze. View, approve, and manage purchase orders through UpKeep.
Our automated push notifications for work order progress combined with your team's ability to communicate in real-time through the app means getting work done has never been so easy.
Manage Tenant Requests
Allow your tenants to submit work order requests using a white-labeled portal. From just your mobile device, you have the ability to approve, reject, and follow up with tenant request tickets.
Advanced Reporting
View reports that give you an overview about the health of your different properties, how much money is being spent, who is doing what, and how your team can improve.
Mobile & Easy to Use
Stay on top of your work orders anytime, anywhere. UpKeep is the only mobile-first maintenance management platform for property and maintenance managers.

Streamline Communication for your Maintenance and Property Management Team

Maintenance Management

Keeping track of the several different properties at different locations is a daunting task. Our software allows you to automate the process so you can have the right people, at the right properties, at the right time.

From scheduling preventative maintenance to identifying trends at your different properties, you can save big on costs.

Collaborate Seamlessly

With UpKeep, you can collaborate in real time allowing your property managers and your maintenance team to communicate seamlessly.

Safety and Audit Reports

Easily generate reports for audits that include a complete history of all work orders and maintenance done on each piece of equipment or asset

Use UpKeep to keep track of all safety audits and inspections comign up. Pull up reports to breeze through audits and inspections in minutes.

Manage Inventory

Monitor your inventory from individual parts to items tied directly to each of your assets. Create purchase orders from inside the system to make sure you always have the parts you need.

Save time and money

We help companies big and small make the most of their workplaces, putting money back in their budget and time back in their day.

Improve Productivity

Maintenance teams see up to a 33% increase in productivity by using a mobile CMMS

Reduce Costs

Property managers on average reduce costs by 16% by using a mobile CMMS

Assign technicians to request with a single tap

Assign technicians to tackle work orders.

See how many work orders each team member is completing.

Assign Worker
Select a person
Heath Burpee
Facilities Manager
Rob Delman
Facilities Manager
Herb Schwein
Facilities Manager
David Wilson
Josh Harley
Lead Technician
Joe Smith
Limited Technical
Eden Harris
Sammy Sosa
Adam Johnson

Successfully assigned worker to this work order!

Built for Property Managers in Mind

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LHA's success story

Find out how Colin and his team at London Hostels Association (LHA) improved their efficiency at their properties with the help of UpKeep's broad feature set.

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What others say about UpKeep's maintenance management features

UpKeep is THE assistant we’d otherwise have to pay an additional salary for
UpKeep lets me list the cost of parts on our work orders. That gives me more transparency into what we’re spending month to the month. And, since everyone on our team has an iPad and can create their own work orders, we can eliminate administration hours.
— Jon, Director of Maintenance at Jet.com
UpKeep Managers like using it because it’s a one-page click and send sort of thing
UpKeep is not only cost effective, but has saved our team numerous hours every single week. It's SO easy to use and allows us to communicate with everyone on our team
— Colin, Maintenance Manager at LHA London
Implementing UpKeep was really simple, and more importantly, the team using it found it simple as well.
UpKeep lets me list the cost of parts on our work orders. That gives me more transparency into what we’re spending month to the month. And, since everyone on our team has an iPad and can create their own work orders, we can eliminate administration hours.
— Ashley, Director of Facilities at Caruso

Say goodbye to messy paperwork

Save time and get on track. Simplify your maintenance now.