6 Reasons to Automate Preventive Maintenance

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6 Reasons to Automate Preventive Maintenance

This post was written by Lisa Dunn from Technology Advice.

When it comes to maintenance, for many companies, price doesn’t seem to be an issue when essential equipment breaks down.

However, it does tend to be an issue when equipment is in working order. Does this scenario seem a bit paradoxical?

It can be challenging for some companies to shift from a reactive mindset to a proactive approach regarding equipment reliability.

However, did you know that by automating your facility’s preventative maintenance efforts, your team can spend less time figuring out how to keep the wheels turning?

It also can free teams up to complete work orders and get your assets running when you need them the most.

Protect Your Investments; Ensure the Longevity of Your Equipment

In most cases, if a piece of equipment or a system breaks down, your support team must be able to respond quickly and make the repair with minimal interruption of the flow of your operations.

With a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) in place, you can have a clear, continuous picture of your facility’s assets and equipment health in real-time in a way paper records cannot come close to mimicking.

An innovative, mobile CMMS can predict necessary maintenance requirements, when and where to deploy team members, and suggest timing for capital investments. It can also help you decide when to replace, repair, or upgrade equipment.

Here are six reasons to automate your company’s preventative maintenance efforts:

A CMMS is ideal for scheduling equipment maintenance.

Traditionally, managing a company translated to supervising a large team and manually delegating projects and tasks. With today’s innovative CMMS software, managers can have peace of mind that their work is streamlined.

Also, since the software delivers timely alerts, you can service any physical asset and minimize the number of unanticipated complications.

CMMS helps prevent malfunctions.

Intuitive preventative maintenance technology can monitor your machines’ activity to prevent breakdowns. Furthermore, when you have a solid, preventive maintenance plan in place, you can minimize or avoid the additional staff-hours typically required for last minute, emergency repairs.

When integrated with a project management tool that tracks asset needs, repair times, and employee hours, your CMMS can uncover even more efficient ways to run your team.

CMMS extends the life of your machines.

With CMMS software, your equipment will not only run better, but you can enhance the capabilities of your machines. It can also help ward off any potential issues that may occur under normal wear and tear of your machine.

Finally, you can clean, inspect, tweak, or update your equipment as needed, before more expensive complications can arise.

CMMS can reduce manual workloads.

If you still use spreadsheets to drive routine work processes, you are likely spending at least two days per week on tedious, administrative tasks. Implementing preventative maintenance technology can help to reduce the number of manual work hours you spend filing, organizing and maintaining records.

CMMS diminishes human error that can be a common occurrence in traditional documentation. Additionally, it can provide critical insights from your company’s data, a feature that spreadsheets are not capable of providing. This data can glean powerful insights to help you make overall production enhancements company-wide.

CMMS can improve employee performance.

When you know how each team member performs under normal circumstances, you can take the right steps to close the gap between their expected and current job performance.

If you identify employees that may require additional training, you can arrange training sessions for them before their lack of knowledge becomes an expensive problem.

For example, CMMS can track metrics such as how much time an employee is spending on a specific task or if they have been in any facility-related accidents. As a result, you can take the necessary steps to enhance both their safety and performance.

CMMS can give employees easier access.

Traditional maintenance spreadsheets typically reside on a personal hard drive on a desktop computer, with limited access for everyone else in a company.

With a cloud-based CMMS, your company’s data can be stored on a remote server, and anyone on your team can access it from anywhere. Most CMMS software also features a mobile app so you can access critical information via your phone or a tablet in the field.

There is no need for your support team to carry around bulky diagrams or user manuals. And over time, the software can act as a repository for historical data on your organization’s assets, providing a big picture view of equipment performance over time.

The Bottom Line

There’s no question that CMMS software can streamline and automate your company’s maintenance processes. Not only can it increase the overall productivity of your business, but it can cut down any maintenance costs as you can automate equipment maintenance schedules, increase the lifetime of your assets, predict inventory needs, and track work orders via mobile devices.

The old reactive perspective, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is still prevalent in many companies, especially those enterprises where equipment function is paramount to success.

However, implementing an automated preventative maintenance plan is one of the smartest choices a manager can make today.

A comprehensive program can keep equipment operating smoothly, extend the lifetime of physical assets, enhance employee safety, and help prevent substantial, costly repairs down the road.

Lisa C. Dunn is a writer for TechnologyAdvice, freelance writer, copywriter and ghostwriter who develops high-quality content for businesses and non-profit organizations. For over 20 years, she has worked with numerous PR and digital marketing agencies, and her work has been featured in well-known publications including Forbes, VentureBeat, Mashable, Huffington Post, Wired, B2C, USA Today, among others.

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