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All maintenance software should be this easy

We believe in building a mobile-first equipment and facilities maintenance software that technicians love. With UpKeep's CMMS you get better data and seamless collaboration with your maintenance team so you can make proactive decisions to double your productivity.

Easy on your technicians

We designed UpKeep with our main focus on the end user because technicians generate the vital data you need to make great decisions.

We provide software that is easy to use, guarantees mobility and access, and lets your whole team communicate to solve problems together.

Your technicians will love using it, and you’ll love their increased productivity!

Hard to beat on ROI

Tired of having technicians waste time coming back to the office for new work orders, without their paperwork, with tons of work order specific questions, or having done someone else's assignment?

Want to ease the pain of manually logging work orders for reporting or spending hours trying to locate assets or spare parts?

Have an overly complicated CMMS that never worked for your team?

With UpKeep you have everything you need to stop wasting time and start saving money. We make it easy to show ROI fast.

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Barcode scanning

Easily scan and itemize your assets and inventory with a single click on your phone. Spend less time worrying about setup and more time making sure you have everything you need.

Task scheduling

Keep track of all the current and upcoming work orders at a glance. All the information you need is displayed efficiently in one place.

Inventory management

Monitor the health of your locations, assets, equipment, parts, and inventory all in one place. Set up alerts for when your parts or inventory are low and make purchase orders for new stock all from within the app.

Mobile first, accessible everywhere

Stay on top of your work orders anytime, anywhere. Our automated push notifications for work order progress combined with your team's ability to communicate in real-time through the app means getting work done has never been so easy.

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UpKeep for Enterprise

Connect multiple UpKeep accounts to get a bird's eye view. Allow facilities to have custom control with multiple admin accounts and 6 different permission levels. Get instant high level reporting for better insight.

Learn more about UpKeep for Enterprise

Smart Monitoring

Integrate your sensors with UpKeep to allow for real-time monitoring, notification based information, and detailed reports. We've partnered with the leader in low-cost smart monitoring, Monnit.

Learn more about Smart Monitoring

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear what our customers are saying.

“Very user friendly. This app has been beneficial in timeliness and cost-effective maintenance on my equipment.”
Nathan Gribbons, Maintance Lead Tech, Stericycle Inc.
“An excellent solution for a company that has lots of equipment to keep organized and running.”
Charles, Chick-fil-A

Simplify your maintenance now. Start for free.

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