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Keeping everything up and running can seem like a task, automate the whole process. From scheduling preventative maintenance to identifying trends in breakdowns, reduce unplanned downtime and save on costs.


Keeping equipment in working order has never been easier, schedule regular maintenance and keep track of all the work that has been done. Perfect for technicians in the field and full visibility for those who need it most.


Anything that needs repair or replacement at some point - such as utilities, plumbing, door security, leaking roofs, and fire control equipment - can be scheduled. Keeping you ahead of equipment breakdowns before they occur.

Farming / Agriculture

Make sure all your equipment is in proper working order so you can spend time on keeping your costs down, while your business grows.


When problems add up, building maintenance costs get out of hand quickly. By setting up preventative maintenance, you’ll not only save money in the long run, but be able to track and check progress from anywhere on your mobile device.


From fixing a leaking pipe to a broken door, UpKeep’s user-friendly software helps property owners and maintenance managers keep track of all their properties. Tenant request portals take this a step further, ensuring everything is fixed in a jiff!


UpKeep’s user-friendly software helps hotel management and staff keep track of day-to-day tasks - improving customer satisfaction scores, increasing energy efficiency, and lowering maintenance costs and available on any mobile device.

Restaurants / Small Businesses

Through streamlining all maintenance needs and preventative maintenance, you’ll not only have more time to focus on your business but you’ll save in the long run. Having a record of everything completed available from anywhere is the cherry on top!

Churches / Non-Profits

Setting up maintenance with UpKeep means all staff have access, making sure facilities are well kept, and you’ll save time by ensuring everything is just as it should be. All non-profit organizations with 501c3 status will receive a 50% discount on any of our plans for UpKeep - contact us.


Making sure that your fleet is operational while keeping safety up and costs down can be difficult. With UpKeep you have the ability to track the health of all your assets while keeping the scheduled maintenance all up-to-date.


The focus for your teachers should be on what matters most, educating! With UpKeep you’ll be able to make sure everything's running smoothly and safely. Keeping track of your facilities, equipment, and technology all in one place.


Using the right tools makes all the difference in municipality maintenance. Set-up preventative maintenance with UpKeep, to keep your city running smoothly, preventing costly breakdowns, tracking costs, and improving the life of your residents.

Gym & Fitness

Let UpKeep work hard for you, set-up preventative maintenance with one place to keep track of all aspects of the health of your gym. That way you can get back to doing what you and your customers do best.

And many, many others...

UpKeep’s user-friendly software can help any maintenance manager keep track of their entire team’s day-to-day tasks as well as lower maintenance costs and improve visitor satisfaction. Best of all, UpKeep can be downloaded on any device with 24/7 customer support and no training fees making our CMMS more accessible, scalable, and easy to set-up within minutes.

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