Smart Monitoring with UpKeep

Simply place sensors on things you want to monitor, set alerts for when conditions are met, and you will be receiving real-time alerts wherever you are.

Sensor integration with UpKeep

Our partnership with Monnit for smart monitoring allows you to monitor your assets in realtime, and create sensor trigger based maintenance requests. You can then receive notifications when conditions are reached, and create preventative maintenance schedules.

UpKeep graphic demonstrating how easily smart monitoring is integrated with UpKeep.

Detailed reports of your sensors

You can choose between 50 different sensor types when looking over your reports, as well as choose the monitor temperature, humidity, tilt, and much more. This is all done within UpKeep thanks to its seamless integration with Monnit.

UpKeep graphic demonstrating a list of reports for smart monitoring.

Additional Features

And much, much more...

  • Over 50 different types of wireless sensors for commercial and industrial applications
  • Keep track of sensor data
  • Low cost
  • Easy setup
  • Exceptional wireless range
  • Low power / Long life

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